Education for Teaching Assistants ("hjælpelærere") at DTU

Teaching assistants (TAs) who participate in supervision of students working with group exercises, individual exercises, project assignments, lab exercises etc. in DTU courses. 

In general, the course aims at increasing the participants’ abilities to support the students’ learning process during their work with exercises, assignments and projects. PhD students helping as TA´s are also welcome

After active participation in the course the participants will be able to:

  • Describe the role of the TA in relation to facilitating the students’ learning
  • Select and use appropriate forms of communication with the students
  • Support the students’ learning process by supervision during assignments, exercises, and project work
  • Identify methods to tackle challenges for the TAs – such as time management, unprepared students, and situations where the TA does not have an immediate answer

The teaching assistants’ roles and functions
What is good supervision?
Methods for active listening and questioning techniques 
The TA toolbox – how to tackle various challenging situations
Peer supervision (between TAs)

The education contains the following elements:

  • A course day before the start of the semester – with a combination of presentations and discussions in plenum, group discussions and presentations, and exercises
  • A meeting with the teacher who is responsible for the course where the TA assists
  • Peer supervision between TAs during the semester. Appointments are made by the participants
  • A follow-up meeting (2 hours) in the middle of the semester – with discussions of experiences and enhancement of the TA toolbox

Time and place 
Before the start of the autumn semester 2018, the introductory day will take place

  • in Danish: 16 August 2018 from 9 am to 3 pm on Lyngby Campus, Building 101A, Meeting Center, room S04
  • in English: 23 August 2018 from 9 am to 3 pm on Lyngby Campus, Building 101A, Meeting Center, room S02
  • Dates for follow-up meetings will be announced later.

    Practical information 
    Meals at the introductory course day are included.
    Course diplomas will be issued to participants who follow the entire program.

    Online registration here 

    Deadline for registration is 14 August for the Danish course and 20 August for the English course.

    Number of participants
    Max. 30

    Course leader
    Tina E. Bahrenscheer (, LearningLab DTU
    19 FEBRUARY 2018