Module 3. Teaching and Teacher Development

The focus of this module is on how to develop your teaching practice and teaching competences to create a good learning environment and act as a facilitator of learning processes. During Module 3 you will get the possibility to expand your teaching toolbox by methods about how to support motivation, how to handle group dynamics and how to use communication as a tool for learning. Another central part of Module 3 is how to get the grasp of your students’ pre-knowledge and the knowledge they develop as a result of your teaching.Module 3 also brings about tools to develop yourself as a teacher.

Examples of the content in Module 3:

  • How to support student motivation
  • How to use communication and coaching methods as  tools for learning 
  • Test of students’ conceptual understanding and misconceptions
  • How to prepare a Teaching Portfolio
  • Methods to support creativity as a driver for learning and development
  • Examples from teaching practice at DTU

After completion of Module 3 you will be able to:

  • Use methods to get knowledge about students’ learning and understanding
  • Describe and use methods to facilitate different processes involved in learning  
  • Outline your Teaching Portfolio, presentation part
  • Use coaching to develop teaching and learning
  • Describe how to facilitate creativity among your students
  • Extract methods to your teaching toolbox

Practical Information
Module 3 comprises a 3-day seminar and a pre-assignment where you begin on your Teaching Portfolio and prepare for the coaching part. You also read some chapters in the course book ”Teaching for Quality Learning at University” (Biggs & Tang) as preparation.  

The course days in Module 3 are held at DTU Lyngby Campus, normally in DTU Skylab.  

Credits are 2 ECTS. Estimated workload is approximately 40 hours.

English is the language of instruction.

If you have questions or want further information or if you want to participate in Module 3 without being enrolled in UDTU please contact: 

  • Senior Excecutive Educational Development Officer, and responsible for UDTU,   Pernille Andersson, 4525 7346, 
  • Course Coordinator Rikke Byrsting Jakobsen, 4525 1120,
19 FEBRUARY 2018