Module 4. Teaching Development Project

During this module you will be working on developing your own teaching practice and your abilities to support and facilitate student learning. During Module 4 you train to be able to take full responsibility for DTU courses which make this module the most important part of UDTU.


The project involves the designing or redesigning of a course, or a longer coherent part of a course, you are responsible for yourself. You work on develop teaching methods as well as assessment methods and on ensuring alignment with the learning objectives in the course. In the project you use the content from the UDTU-course modules 1 - 3. You implement your course design in practice and work with supporting and facilitating the students’ learning processes.


Along the way in the project you will collect data from the students’ learning progress. After the course you evaluate and analyse the impact of your teaching with respect to the quality of the student learning and with respect to how well the students reached the intended learning outcome of the course. You also conclude on the result with suggesting how to develop your teaching and the course in the future. You conduct a form of Action Research in this project.  


After completing Module 4 you will be able to:

  • Design, implement and use teaching and assessment methods that support students’ conceptual learning and deep approach to learning
  • Evaluate students’ pre-knowledge and learning outcome
  • Analyse and evaluate your teaching in relation to results of formative and summative assessments that measure the student learning outcome
  • Describe students’ learning processes in Higher Education
  • Use different kinds of feedback from colleagues and students as a tool to improve your teaching and develop as a teacher
  • Design future improvements that can make your teaching and your students’ learning even better
  • Take full responsibility for designing university courses and take the leadership in facilitating student learning processes proficiently

Practical Information 

The project is done on an individual basis. During the project you will collaborate with other participants in your UDTU-team and with your pedagogical supervisor at your department.


The project is divided into two parts 4A and 4B. After each part you hand in a report and get feedback on you work from a UDTU-consultant. The UDTU-consultant can be an experienced teacher from DTU with well-developed theoretical knowledge in the field of university pedagogy and Engineering Education, or someone from the staff at LearningLab DTU.   


The project is designed to fit into a 13-week course at DTU. If you do your project of another kind of course, or a part of a course, the submissions of the reports are adjusted accordingly to that. If you have questions regarding this please contact the responsible for UDTU.


Credits are 5 ECTS. Estimated workload is approximately 100 hours. The greatest workload occurs during the period of teaching the course on which your project is based.


If you have questions or want further information or if you want to participate in Module 3 without being enrolled in UDTU please contact: 

  • Senior Excecutive Educational Development Officer, and responsible for UDTU,   Pernille Andersson, 4525 7346, 
  • Course Coordinator Rikke Byrsting Jakobsen, 4525 1120,
19 FEBRUARY 2018