Module 2. Teaching Methods and Course Design

In Module 2 you will actively try out designing courses that effectively support student learning. You will also work on how to create a learning context that supports the students’ development of a deep approach to learning. In this module of UDTU you will get insight into how to design courses that in the best possible way support your students to construct new knowledge and retain and recall this knowledge. In other words you learn how to lead your students towards true learning of something new and complex they will remember and will be able to use in new contexts - the aim of all education.

Examples of the content in Module 2 are:

  • How to support the students to develop engineering competences
  • How to organise course contents accordingly to the learning objectives and the students perquisites
  • How to define the most important elements in your course content
  • Different assessment methods and the role of assessment for student learning
  • Well established teaching methods suitable for courses and useful to ensure effective and deep learning
  • Examples from teaching practice at DTU 

After completion of Module 2 you will be able to:

  • Design a course with focus on student learning, leading the students to develop a deep approach to learning 
  • Identify core elements in a course and construct the course disciplinary content in a suitable way for the students to learn   
  • Describe which engineering competences that your teaching contributes to
  • Discuss the quality and suitability of the learning objectives
  • Plan how to assess the students’ learning outcome in a course
  • Describe why assessment is important for student learning
  • Design a course or teaching sequence with teaching activities and assessment methods aligned with the learning objectives

Practical information

Module 2 in UDTU comprises a 2 ½-day seminar and a pre-assignment in which you describe a course to work on. You will use your pre-assignment during the course days to relate the content in Module 2 to and thereby investigate the implications it will have on your teaching practice. As preparation you also read some chapters in the course book ”Teaching for Quality Learning at University” (Biggs & Tang).   

The course days in Module 2 are held as a residential course.

Credits are 2 ECTS. Estimated workload is approximately 40 hours.

English is the language of instruction.


If you have questions or want further information or if you want to participate in Module 2 without being enrolled in UDTU please contact:  

  • Senior Excecutive Educational Development Officer, and responsible for UDTU,   Pernille Andersson, 4525 7346, 
  • Course Coordinator Rikke Byrsting Jakobsen, 4525 1120,
19 FEBRUARY 2018