Seminars and Conferences

DTU Seminars for Teaching and Learning

In cooperation with the deans, LearningLab DTU organises biannual teaching seminars for members of teaching committees, heads of studies, pedagogical consultants and other interested teachers at DTU.The seminars provide the setting for presentations and discussions related to practical teaching experiences, or to a general theme.

The next seminar takes places Monday 4 December 2017. The theme is Life-Long Learning and Online & Blended Learning. Key note speaker is Dr. Arno Smets, Professor in Solar Energy at TU Delft. He has extensive experiences with offering life-long education courses in the form of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) and will among other things address the benefits that such courses represent for a university and for individual teachers. Furthermore, DTU examples of life-long learning activities will be presented and discussed – including how they can interact with courses for DTU students.

More information on the seminars’ background, program and registration is available here.


The latest seminar was held Friday 21 April 2017 with the the theme Experiments in learning design: Creating space for creativity and continuity in design education.
Based on a key note speech by Dr. Tim Stratford, University of Edinburgh, the seminar focused on how engineering students learn design thinking through their education.
You will find the program, presentations, and link to video recordings of the sessions here.
17 NOVEMBER 2017