Experiments in learning design thinking

DTU Undervisningsseminar Foråret 2017

Fredag den 21. april 2017

Introduktion ved dekan Philip J Binning

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Key note (1. del): Experiments in learning design: Creating space for creativity and continuity in design education ved Dr. Tim Stratford, School of Engineering, University of Edinburgh

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Workshop:  Creativity, complexity and compromise in design

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Key note (2. del): Challenges to open-ended guided learning ved Tim Stratford

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Opsummering på gruppediskussioner om implementering af "design thinking" i DTU's uddannelser og kurser

Annoncering af deadline for ansøgning til DTU's pris for udviklings af undervisning og læring 2017 ved Philip J Binning

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Om seminarets tema

The vision of the CDIO initiative – that DTU has been actively engaged in since it was established in 2004 – is to educate students who understand how to conceive, design, implement and operate complex engineering systems in a modern team-based engineering environment.

Or in short: During their studies, our students should learn to engineer.

A core engineering competency is to create innovative solutions to problems that have not been tackled before. Therefore, all engineering students should learn to analyse problems and their context, and to conceive and design solutions that address the complexity of the problems.

Often, engineering students spend a lot of time and effort on detailed design – involving technical planning and calculations – and less on conceptual, creative design, involving an open approach to the problem and iterations of various stages of alternative solutions. Learning to work with designs that address complex, ambiguous and uncertain contexts is not trivial, and cannot be learned in one single course.

At the University of Edinburgh, School of Engineering, a study program has been reformed to give a higher priority to the students’ ability to work with complex design. After the reform, students’ design skills are introduced gradually and reinforced and practised through the 5 years of study. Design challenges are imbedded in a number of courses and linked together by structured and coordinated “design threads”.

Dr. Tim Stratford, Head of Graduate School, School of Engineering at the University of Edinburgh, will introduce the background and ideas underlying the reform, the implementation of structured design threads, the various learning methods that are applied, and lessons learned through the process. During the seminar, he will organize a workshop that will involve the participants actively and serve as an example of the challenges his students work with.

Tim Stratford’s key note speech and the workshop will be followed by group discussions of how the presented approach could be applied in DTU study programs and courses.

Om key note-taler Tim Stratford

Tim Stratford (Tim.Stratford@ed.ac.uk)


Senior Lecturer and Head of Graduate School in the School of Engineering at the University of Edinburgh.PhD in Engineering from the University of Cambridge, 2000.

Tim is a Structural Engineer with a background in large civil engineering structures (long-span bridges, tunnels and buildings). His research includes FRP composites in construction and for energy applications, rehabilitation of heritage metallic structures, and the response of structures to fire, combining experimental and numerical investigation.

His teaching includes traditional engineering mechanics lectures.However, he mostly focuses upon and enjoys prompted learning in group design courses.Tim has been leading recent curriculum development within Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Edinburgh, driven by the needs of the changing profession.

Winner of the Institution of Structural Engineers’ Award for Excellence in Structural Engineering Education 2016.

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Experiments in learning design: Creating space for creativity and continuity in design education by Dr. Tim Stratford

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